Zero Configuration Nginx With Passenger

Pow is a zero-config Rack server for Mac OS X. Here I steal its idea to build a zero-config system based on Nginx with Passenger.

Auto Virtual Hosts

Since 0.8.25, Nginx supports named captures in server_name directive.

server {
  server_name   ~^(www\.)?(?<domain>.+)$;
  root  /sites/$domain;

It can be used to setup passenger virtual hosts and locate the rails/rack root directory based on the server name.

server {
  server_name ~^(.*\.)?(?<app>[^.]+)\.dev$;
  root /opt/apps/$app/public;
  rails_env development;
  passenger_enabled on;

The configuration above matches all sever names that ends with “.dev”, and use the 2nd level domain name to locate application root directory. For example, and both use the root /opt/apps/myapp/public, thus will serve the rails/rack app /opt/apps/myapp/.

Sure, /opt/apps can be changed to any directory accessible by Nginx. And remember to reload Nginx (nginx -s reload) after change the config file.

Now new app can be added just like Pow, creating a symbol link in /opt/apps.

cd /opt/apps
ln -s /path/to/myapp

We can setup more server blocks for different environments, for example:

server {
  server_name ~^(.*\.)?(?<app>[^.]+)\.staging;
  root /opt/apps/$app/public;
  rails_env staging;
  passenger_enabled on;

Add a record in /etc/hosts and open browser to see whether works.

Local DNS Resolver

Pow starts its own DNS and utilizes Mac /etc/resolver system to resolve all subdomains of specified top-level domain to

It is written for nodejs, and I wrote a simple wrapper simpledns to only start the DNS server in Pow.

  • Install nodejs first

  • Clone simpledns

    git clone git://
  • Read in it and start the DNS server.

The server echoes something like

Save following content as files: /etc/resolver/dev

# File generated by simpledns/server.js
port: 20560
# File content ends here

Follow the instruction and create the file in /etc/resolver.

Now remove the line, restart your browser to see whether still works.

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