I categorize reading into 3 different categories:

  • Skim Reading: This includes the feeds I subscribed in Inoreader, websites I frequently visit and articles shared from my friends. I quickly skim them using fragmented time, usually less than half an hour in total per day, and save the articles which worth reading to Instapaper.
  • Insensitive Reading: Instapaper sends me 20 unread articles to Kindle every morning. If I can spare at least 10 minutes, I will read them on the Kindle.
  • Challenging Reading: Papers are definitely in this category. There are also articles hard to understand, I will print them into PDF. I schedule the time in advance, usually one hour or more, and read the PDF files on Sony Digital Paper.

I’ll share the detailed workflow and the IFTTT applets used in the process.

Sometimes, I also save some articles in Medium, so I have an applet to synchronize them to Instapaper.

  • Medium saved article → Instapaper

I aggregate all the stuffs which I think worth to share into Buffer. There is a large bundle of IFTTT applets for this:

  • My new blog post → Buffer
  • Instapaper liked → Buffer
  • Inoreader starred → Buffer
  • Medium Applause → Buffer
  • Reddit → Buffer
  • Youtube liked → Buffer
  • Pinboard tagged tt → Buffer
  • 500px → Buffer
  • Lofter → Buffer

Buffer schedules the time and will finally publish to Twitter.

Buffer also acts as my sharing hub. I forward the shared messages to two other places, Telegram channel and Inoreader saved web pages.

Following applets publish to my Telegram channel

  • Buffer → Telegram ianshare
  • Liked Tweets → Telegram ianshare
  • New journal post → Telegram ianshare

The similar group of applets save them into Inoreader.

  • Buffer → Inoreader tagged ianFeed
  • Liked tweets → Inoreader tagged ianFeed
  • New journal post → Inoreader tagged ianFeed

I tagged the saved articles, so Inoreader allows me to share it as an RSS feed or an HTML page.

I review these shared articles weekly, and include them in my the journal posts.

The last, I backup the data into Google Drive spreadsheets via these applets.

  • My tweets → Google Drive
  • Liked tweets → Google Drive
  • Pinboard → Google Drive
  • Buffer → Google Drive