A friend recommended gopass to manage passwords. After the trial, I decided to switch.

Gopass is indeed an implementation which follows the protocols defined by pass. It utilizes gpg to encrypt files and git to synchronize. It is really fast to manage the password vault because I already used to the command line environment and text editing tools.

I also use browserpass in Chrome and “Pass - Password Manager” in iOS.

I migrated from Enpass. There is a tool pass-import, but it does not work well on my exported Enpass vault, so I decide to build the pass store from scratch. Gopass indeed can encrypt and save any file, thus I just add the whole exported Enpass CSV file into the repository.

gopass edit enpass.csv

Copy and paste the exported Enpass CSV file into the opened editor and save. It is easy to search in the file using a pager or grep.

gopass show enpass.csv | less
gopass show enpass.csv | grep google

Now I can rebuild the password database with a create-on-use strategy: Whenever I want to use a password which has no its own entry yet, I search it in enpass.csv and create one.