Renaming browser tab names may seem like a simple task, but it can actually be quite challenging.

Most browsers sync the tab name with the web page title. Therefore, it seems simple to set tab name by setting document.title:

document.title = "Custom Tab Name";

However, many web pages use JavaScript to alter the page title, which would override the custom name. While Object.defineProperty in JavaScript can override the property setter function, it’s not possible to access the original setter function for document.title. Fortunately, browsers sync page titles with the first <title> tag, so setting its content acts as a workaround to set the page title.

Here is the bookmark for renaming a tab. I also add %t as the token for the original page tab title. This is handy such as adding a custom prefix with Work: %t, or restoring the original title without reloading the page by using %t.

// Rename the document title using a bookmarklet.
// As a user,
// - Once I have renamed the tab, it should not be overwritten.
// - I can include the token %t as placeholder for the real title.
// - To restore, I can rename the tab to %t
// Install: Copy the code to
// and generate the bookmarklet.

// Init only once
if (!("_renameTitle" in document)) {
  // Force creating the title tag.
  document.title = document.title || "";

  const titleEl = document.getElementsByTagName("title")[0];
  const titleTokenRegex = /%t/g;

  // Remembers the real title
  let titleWithoutRenaming = document.title;
  // User set title
  let titleWithRenaming = "";

  // Rename the document title to v.
  // If v contains the token %t, replace all occurences to the
  // real title.
  document._renameTitle = (v) => {
    titleWithRenaming = v;
    titleEl.innerText = v.replace(titleTokenRegex, titleWithoutRenaming);

  Object.defineProperty(document, "title", {
    // Other code will use document.title setter to change the title.
    // Remember the new value as the real title but still use the
    // title set by user.
    set: (v) => {
      titleWithoutRenaming = v;

      // Once document has defined the title property, its value is
      // not synchronized to the tab name.
      // Here uses a workaround to set the title tag content.
      titleEl.innerText = titleWithRenaming.replace(titleTokenRegex, v);
    get: () => titleEl.innerText,

const title = prompt(
  "Rename tab (Use token %t for original title)",
// title is null when user cancel the dialog.
if (title !== null) {