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What I Touched This Week 2020-01-26

ZKP How Zero Knowledge Proofs Are Changing Blockchain (in non-technical terms) Cryptography Rainbow table - Wikipedia Dictionary attack - Wikipedia Programming Introduction - Roguelike Tutorial - In Rust Learn by doing tutorial about developing a roguelike game with Rust. Copying data is wasteful, mutating data is dangerous 30 Python Best Practices, Tips, And Tricks - Towards Data Science “Since version 3.7, Python offers data classes. There are several advantages over regular classes or other alternatives like returning multiple values or dictionaries” “In place variable swapping” a, b = b, a “Merging dictionaries (Python 3.5+)” merged = { **dict1, **dict2 } “You can use the slice notation from above to reverse a string or list. By using a negative stepping value of -1” "abcdefg"[::-1] Let The Compiler Do The Work - Cliffle Let Rust compiler vectorize the computation. Read Books ian yang’s review of 无人生还 ian yang’s review of 病毒星球 ian yang’s review of 知乎周刊・病毒星球(总第 234 期) ian yang’s review of Atomic Habits…

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