This week I continue on cocos2d-x project automation build and dependencies management.

By default, tolua registers global variables. A trick to use fallback Lua implementation by default is:

# config.lua
if _G.config then
  return _G.config
return { lua = true }

There is a gotcha to register tolua bindings in AppDelegate.cpp in Quick Community Edition, lua stack top is package.preload after quick_module_register.

  • If prebuilt library is added as a reference to Xcode project and it is not in SRCROOT of any project, its parent directory must be added to library search header in build settings.
  • Use preBuild.dependsOn(copyAssets) to do something before build in Android gradle project. It must be added to the gradle file which has added android plugin. For example, preBuild is not available in the top build.gradle in Quick Community
  • Why copy the key when traverse table in Lua c API



  • 腾讯 Bugly 提供的 Android SDK 代理

  • MSDN, 我告诉你 要下载微软老版本的开发工具可以来这找

  • Use https proxy in Emacs

      export http_proxy=xxx https_proxy=xxx
      emacs -nw --insecure