This week I have worked on Lua API of Sentry using its Objective-C and Android client.

  • Add extern "C" around Lua C function in header compiled as Objective-C.
  • LuaJavaBridge - Lua 与 Java 互操作的简单解决方案 是很详细的在 Cocos2d-x Lua 中调用 Java 方法的文章。不过有个地方已经过时了,就是 Java 的方法可以接收和返回 HashMap, 和 Vector (用 ArrayList 也可以)两种复杂变量的。有一些限制,调用的时候 Lua 不能传 nilHashMap 对应的 Lua table 的 key 和 value 都会转成 String,在 Java 中可以强转成 HashMap<String, String>Vector 对应的 Lua table 会当成是 list,所有成员也会转成 String,在 Java 中可以强转成 Vector<String>。对应的类型签名如下
    • Ljava/util/HashMap;
    • Ljava/util/Vector;
    • Ljava/util/ArrayList;
  • Sentry-Android is an open source library to report errors in Android apps to Sentry. It is better than official Java library in my opinion.


  • Install gems using system Ruby when installed rbenv/rvm.

      sudo /usr/bin/gem install --bindir /usr/local/bin --no-env-shebang cocoapods 
    • --bindir: the default /usr/bin is not allowed to be modified.
      • --no-env-shebang: just use system Ruby explicitly.
  • webmachine: A REST-based system for building web applications, A RESTful framework for Erlang.

  • Iris, A go web framework.

  • In Lua, following two statements are identicated:

      require “xx.” .. foo
      (require “xx.”) .. foo
  • 写了篇游戏分享:Shenzhen IO。花了一个多月备案,现在放在腾讯云上,改成了用 Hugo,加上了英文,中文多语言支持。