Reading Notes

  • Blockchain Isn’t a Revolution
    • Trust-minimizing - Cryptocurrency
    • Tracking - Blockchain
    • Trading - Cryptoassets
  • Exploring Minimum-Viable Sidechains on ETC
    • The sidechain is able to balance the advantages a private network with the security of the mainnet.
    • If it (the sidechain) doesn’t depend data from the mainnet, then it doesn’t get any of the value of putting data on mainnet in the first place.
  • A Photographer’s Guide to Color Histogram – The Coffeelicious Exposure Quality: 1. There is no massive overflow of the contours near the left or right edges of the histogram. 2. There are pixels in each brightness interval. 3. A picture will have a better contrast and a more impressive visual effect if the ends are higher and the middle is lower in the histogram.