What I Touched This Week 2018-09-15

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  • 区块链与下水道维修艺术 - 橙皮书


    • 成一定规模之后再考虑优化
    • 分层
    • 和商业活动建立联系
  • Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and… — programming is terrible

    Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction. — Sandi Metz

    When a unit has no rules about what code cannot be included, it will eventually contain larger and larger amounts of the system. This is eternally true of every module named ‘util’, and why almost everything in a Model-View-Controller system ends up in the controller.

  • 15 Best Ways to Achieve Flow | CoderHood

    Collect all the information you need ahead of time.

    I found that worries and anxieties go away for the duration of a coding session if I write them down with the clear intent of getting back to it later.

  • 吴恩达:我的AI商业化方法论 - 量子位

    现在在线内容非常丰富了,一个首席学习官(Chief Learning Officer)的工作,不是去创造内容,而是选择内容给团队学习。这样,就能低成本高效培训整个团队。


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