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  • Weekly Paper: Liberal Radicalism

  • Notes on 「Blockchain Governance: Programming Our Future – Fred Ehrsam

    • Why governance is important?

      • Change are most important in long term.
      • We have the opportunity to create vastly different power structures and program the future we want for ourselves.
    • Two Critical Components of Governance

      1. Incentives
      2. Mechanisms for coordination
    • Author’s options

      • [To revert The DAO attack] requires higher friction through off-chain coordination and hard forking instead of on-chain coordination with no forking.
    • My thoughts

      • New developers have little incentive to work on Bitcoin.
        • Public goods crowdfunding, such as crowdfunding by inflation.
      • Buying vs locking in Quadratic Voting.
        • How about voting by coindays?

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