• ✒️ Bitcoin Core Network Event Loops

    This is a guide about how bitcoin-core handles network messages in the source code.

  • The Feynman Technique: How to Learn Anything Quickly “Why teaching is the key to understanding”

    • Choose a concept to learn
    • Teach it to yourself or someone else
    • Return to the source material if you get stuck
    • Simplify your explanations and create analogies
  • Podcast Editing Demo - Ferrite + iPad + Apple Pencil demonstrates how to edit a podcast on iPad using Ferrite Recording Studio.

    • 00:59 Strip silence
    • 01:39 … the stripped silence defaults
    • 03:42 Double tap selects everything forward in a single track.
    • 04:13 Tapping with two fingers to play and pause
    • 02:19 Quick delete with pencil to swipe from right to left
  • 云风的 BLOG: git shallow clone 的一个问题 网络抖动和无法断点续传是国内使用 Git 的痛点。之前的做法是服务器上 clone 后把 .git 压缩打包下载回来。随便找了个库对比了下,bzip2 12M, git bundle 11M,打包和恢复速度也快得多。

    • git bundle create bundlefile --all
    • git bundle unbundle bundlefile
    • git 还不知道是 shallow clone 。好在这个文件很简单,就是 HEAD 的 hash 。手工创建一个就好了。
  • 技术文章配图指南

    • 选择合适的工具,一定要支持模版或组件库统一配色和风格
    • 直接在配图里添加标题方便单独分
    • 固定宽度,长度可变

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