I have:



I read may articles about Go and Rust last week.

And several about databases.



  • How snippets make me more efficient at work…and dating I may seem efficient, but really, I’m just good at using snippets. Snippets are a form of text expander—they’re basically a fancy version of autocorrect, which allow you to type some small amount of text and have way more text appear.
  • How to Be a Productivity Ninja: Attention management In any knowledge work job, you’re really playing two different roles at once: you’re simultaneously the “boss” and the “worker”. You’re responsible for:
  • 如何管理自己的时间资产 时间是我们最重要的资产,对时间的使用和管理决定了我们的个人成长。人的注意力是有限的,我们不能将同一份时间投入到不同的事情中,一旦选择花费时间做一些事情,就不得不放弃做其他事情的可能性。如果我们能够静下
  • 打造一个高度自动化的在线阅读流程,我用 Instapaper + Pinboard 做到了 注:本文参与少数派 2019 年度征文「效率有心得」赛道。 缘起 用粉丝的话来说,我一直都是 Instapaper 的白嫖粉,喜欢、享受,但不花钱。作为一个重度阅读爱好者,我至今没有买 Instapaper 或 Pocket Premium 的原因很简单,连接不
  • Slack etiquette at Zapier With hundreds of employees chatting every day, Zapier’s Slack is a busy place. To keep things under some semblance of control, our People Ops team put together a guide to Slack etiquette at Zapier.



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