I have posted ♯ Yubico for Windows.

I have finished the book Regretting You.

Tacit Knowledge

I have read a series about tacit knowledge by Cedric Chin recently.

The sort of tacit knowledge [the author is] interested in is that of ‘expert intuition’.

In the second post, the author has introduced the Recognition-Primed Decision Making Model.

  • Recognition of goals, cues, expectancies and actions.
  • Perform the actions if there’s a pattern match. If there are several candidates, people usually try them one by one and adopt the first one which meets all the requirements.
  • If the pattern is abnormal, analyze and collect more data and rerun the loop.


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  • Ringbahn II: the central state machine

    Last time I wrote about ringbahn, a safe API for using io-uring from Rust. I wrote that I would soon write a series of posts about the mechanism that makes ringbahn work. In the first post in that series, I want to look at the core state machine of ringbahn which makes it memory safe.

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