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  • 12 Powerful Tips on How to Write Persuasive Blog Posts
    • Focus on the solutions, focus on why
    • Use own visual content, examples and stories
    • Talk about why to show empathy and keep readers involved in the conversation
    • Back Up Your Claims with Statistics from Reliable Sources
  • How to Write Technical Posts (so people will read them)
    • [You have] four sentences to convince [readers].
    • Focus on solutions to problems, focus on why
    • First sentence of each paragraph should be sufficient to understand the rest of the paragraph.
    • Keep them on the same page, show empathy.
      • Less distractions
      • Point out what they might be thinking, and then very explicitly show them what they should be thinking instead.
      • If you’re giving examples of something that fits a pattern, make sure you give examples of things that do not fit the pattern.
        • People learn by seeing lots of examples
      • Anticipate which parts of your argument will be difficult for your readers