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What I Touched This Week 2021-02-06

Picks: Monitoring in the time of Cloud Native | by Cindy Sridharan | Medium Observability is about the ability to let maintainers understand how the system behaves in the production. It’s a super set of monitoring. Observability makes debugging possible in production. Three pillars of observability: Logs Metrics Traces @copyconstruct: Hashed and Hierarchical Timing Wheels: Data Structures for the Efficient Implementation of a Timer Facility, paper from 1987 that’s used in Kafka and rust’s tokio library. The thread has listed several timing wheels implementations and a seminar video. Set Up a New Mac…

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What I Touched This Week 2020-09-19

I have read the book Specifying Systems: The TLA+ Language and Tools for Hardware and Software Engineers and several other books about painting. Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist Perspective Made Easy Pencil Sketching My picks: 8 Cognitive Biases in Software Development What are cognitive biases and how they can pop up in our work, as software developers. Different techniques to prevent these biases, to take more logical decisions.

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