⚡ Mouse

  • ⌥⌘ Left Click: Set anchor to the main story line.
  • ⌥ Left Click: Set playhead on clip, or add a keyframe.

⚡ Insert Clips

  • Q: Attach to storyline
  • W: Insert
  • E: Append
  • D, ⇧D: Replace, Replace Backward
  • Drag and drop into an existing clip will bring up a replacement menu.

⚡ Range Selection

  • I, O: Range in and out
  • ⇧I, ⇧O: Multiple ranges selection

Range selection also works in clips, the selected ranges will be inserted instead of the whole clip.

⚡ Editing

  • ⌥[, ⌥]: trim from the beginning, trim to the end.
  • ⌥\: Leave only the range
  • ⌘B, ⇧⌘B: Split
  • ⌥G: Create compound clip.
  • P: Create gap, or use to delete a clip and leave the gap.
  • ⌥F: Insert freeze frame.

⚡ Playback

  • V: Enable or disable a clip.
  • J, K, L: Quick playback.
    • Repeat J or L to increase playback speed.
    • Play frame by frame: Hold K, then press J or L.
    • Play with 1/2 speed: Hold J or L while pressing K.
  • /: Play Range
  • ⇧?: Play Around
  • ⌘L: Loop Playback

⚡ Marker

  • M, ⌥M: Add marker. There are three different markers, Standard, To do and Chapter.
  • ⌃,, ⌃.: Navigate between markers.


  • Select multiple clips and right click to create a synchronized clip.
  • Use range tool to quickly adjust volume of a portion.
  • Drag horizontal on edge to fade in/out, right click to choose fade curve.
  • ⌃+, ⌃-: Adjust Volume

Editing Tools

  • A Arrow: Double click edge or transition to activate Trimming or Transition Editor.
  • T Trim: Scroll clip, change edge between two clips
  • P Position: Overwrite clip, create gap.
  • R Range: quick apply effect, adjust volume on a range. It is the same with the range marked by I and O.
  • B Blade: Rarely used, use ⌘B and ⇧⌘B instead.
  • Z Zoom: Use ⇧Z to fit the timeline to window.
  • H Hand: Pan


  • ⌘T: Add default transition, which can be changed by right clicking on a transition in the browser.
  • Shoot extra slices to make transition work.

⚡ General transitions

  • Blurs: Gaussian
  • Dissolves: Cross Dissolve, Fade to Color
  • Lights: Bloom
  • Movements: Slide

⚡ Transform

  • Kern Burns: Zoom in


  • Audio Compressor: and other Logic effects.
  • Video Security: Security Camera.
  • Video Keyer: Cut out objects

Titles and Generators

  • In Viewer View menu, select Show Title/Action Safe Zones.
    • Inner: title safe
    • Outer: action safe
  • Q: Insert title and generator into the marked range.

A example work flow: Mark the range using I and O, then choose the title and insert it via Q.


Don’t use Youtube/Vimeo Preset, export master file and compress with Handbrake later.

⚡ Rate Clips

  • F: Favorite
  • : Reject
  • U: Unrate


  • ⌘6: Color Inspector
  • ⌘C and then Paste Attributes.