Set the Windows region to China, then Telegram will choose correct Chinese fonts.

Alternatively, download FontMod.dll as winmm.dll and place it under the same directory with Telegram.exe.

In my Windows 10, I’m using English locale and have to edit the FontMod.yaml and replace following fonts.

    <<: *zh-cn-font
    <<: *zh-cn-font


The following options work in commands such as !date and r !date.

set encoding=utf-8
set shell=powershell.exe
set shellcmdflag=-NoLogo\ -NoProfile\ -NonInteractive\ -command
set shellquote=\"
set shellxquote=
set shellslash

But system() function returns string in the encoding according to the system region setting. For example, when the region is set to China, it will return string in GBK encoding. A workaround is enabling UTF-8 in Administrative language setting “Language for non-Unicode programs”.